Is Sparkling Water Bad for My Teeth?

sparkling water in a glass with lemon
Sparkling water is a healthy choice, and there is no real risk of damaging the enamel of your teeth.

Sparkling water is merely tap water that contains carbon dioxide gas infused under pressure. Just like any other fizzy, carbonated drink, sparkling water has acidic properties. Naturally, many people wonder whether, due to the acidic content, sparkling water can be harmful to their teeth. However, is sparkling water really bad for your dental health? Let’s try to debunk this myth once and for all!

Sparkling Water and Your Teeth

Most fizzy and carbonated drinks damage your teeth by decreasing the pH inside your mouth. This reduced pH results in an accelerated removal of minerals from your teeth, causing cavities and other dental problems.  However, sparkling water is less harmful to your teeth due to its lower acidity.

According to the American Dental Association, sparkling water does not harm your teeth. This is because the acidity of sparkling water is not high enough to demineralize and weaken your teeth. In addition, immediately after you enjoy a glass of sparkling water, the saliva in your mouth tends to quickly neutralize the pH of sparkling water through its buffering action.

One study found that sparkling water is on-par with drinks like orange juice in terms of acidity. However, since it doesn’t contain sugar, it’s actually better in terms of the likelihood of damaging your teeth.

Natural vs Artificial Sparkling Water

  • Natural Sparkling Water – Natural sparkling mineral water, which is obtained from naturally occurring mineral springs, is generally the least acidic, and therefore, the safest form of sparkling water you can enjoy. In addition, it is also rich in various nutrients that are beneficial for your overall physical and dental health.
  • Artificial Sparkling Water – This type of sparkling water is prepared by artificially infusing carbon dioxide into water under pressure. The higher the acidity of this water, the greater are its chances of damaging your teeth. Most of the time, this is the type of sparkling water you will enjoy at restaurants and purchase over-the-counter.

Playing on the Safe Side

  • Don’t always drink carbonated water – It is not the best idea to completely replace your regular tap water with carbonated water. The fluoride present in the tap water helps make your teeth strong by replenishing minerals, which helps to prevent cavities.
  • Don’t drink sugary, carbonated beverages – Compared to sparkling water, soda and other carbonated, sugary drinks are much worse for your teeth. Not only are they much more acidic, their sugar content enhances the acidity of the drink and can result in demineralization and cavities. In fact, one study found that soda is 100 times more likely to cause tooth enamel erosion!

Undoubtedly, sparkling water is much safer than all other types of fizzy drinks and is certainly a tooth-friendly beverage.  As long as you’re not avoiding tap water entirely, there’s no reason to avoid sparkling water!

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